With over 40 years of machine shop experience, the craftsmen at D&D are capable of providing more services and skills to our customers than any competitor. Through extensive industry experience, we are able to complete even the most obscure of machine jobs. Ask us how!

Centerless Grinding
— Centerless grinding is an effective method of precision grinding the outside diameter of any cylindrical shaped part such as round bar and tubing, bushings, pins, mixer shafts, pump shafts, & hydraulic cylinders. At D&D We can grind carbon steel, stainless steel, alloys, tool steel, aluminum, castings, brass, bronze, plastics, ceramics, & various other exotic materials.

CNC Machining
— CNC automation facilitates higher levels of precision in the machining process as well as closer tolerances and better repeatability. Production manufacturers as well as custom machine shops benefit from the higher control and speed of the precision machining made possible through CNC technology. D&D Machine Shop employs experienced operators who leverage our CNC turning and milling centers to complete orders, small and large, with remarkable accuracy at unheard-of turn around times.

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CNC Milling
— CNC Milling reduces the number of manual steps and simplifies the process of creating complex curves and 3D structures for precision and custom machined parts. Investing in CNC Milling has enabled D&D to perform production manufacturing for high-volume jobs as well as smaller runs at a competitive price and high quality.

CNC Turning
— A cutting tool traverses along two axes of motion, transverse or longitudinal, while the stock is rotated on the lathe. The result is the production of precise depths and diameters in cylindrical parts. CNC-automated turning can operate on either the outside or the inside to produce the exact geometries necessitated by our customers. Cutters are selected based on materials or part specifications.

Automatic Sawing
— The automatic saw is especially effective when fabricating large projects that have multiple parts of the same or even different lengths and complex angles, providing the fabricator with the accurate parts needed faster and at a cost savings. The saw operator can load a single length or an entire bundle of material. The auto saw is definitely the better choice for higher productivity in a manufacturing plant.

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